NC/SC Beaches and Gardens – August 2016

Last summer, my parents and I took a trip up the coast from Surfside to Wrightsville Beach. The beach is always enjoyable for me – I love any kind of nature. While me and my mom were more looking at the sights, my dad was at the height of his Pokemon GO phase. Which me and my mom were into as well, but he played…so…much. Anyway, we visited several gardens and beaches.

We traveled to Surfside Beach, South Carolina to go to Brookgreen Gardens. Me and my mom wanted to go to see the Marsh Tacky horses – a rare breed of horse from Spain. The gardens were beautiful. They were based on an old rice plantation, so there was a good bit of history that went along with it, which only makes the place have more meaning. It was so interesting, but so heartbreaking. The gardens were full of palm trees and trees with Spanish  Moss.

We visited a HUGE candy shop when we drove through Myrtle Beach to get to Surfside. They had giant Hershey’s and Kit Kats, and tons of candy merchandise. They also had  sections for two of my weaknesses – Snoballs and Asian Candy. For my ice, I got my favourite “Rainbow” flavour – cherry, blue raspberry, and pineapple. All the colors melt together and create a rainbow.

Our final destination was Wrightsville Beach. We go here a lot, since my parents, brother, and I are from here. Our first day at the ocean a storm was coming, so we just walked on the sand. We visited Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, which is where I took th epicture of the vine tunnel.


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